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Our team of coaches is here to help you achieve your goals, whatever they are. Perhaps you are looking to get through the day without back pain, or lose some weight, or get ready for a competition, or a walking trip through Europe, or want to keep up with a your kids. Every body is different, and everyone's life has different demands. We are passionate about working with you to get you fit, strong and ready for whatever you're wanting from life.

Head Coach | Paul Van Haltren | Pascoe Vale Health & Fitness

Paul Van Haltren

Head Coach & Founder

When I left high school the last thing on my mind was jumping into fitness and being the specialist I have now become. Bad backs and joints were areas of the body that I occasionally hurt playing all the sports I did, but it was never my plan to work on them. My dream was the Air Force, and getting into pilot school. Flying fighter jets that was going to be my life! 

Fate and the universe had other ideas! Being as active as I was meant that staying fit and healthy was not an issue, so, it was no surprise that once I entered a gym I found a new hobby in weightlifting. Being muscular and ripped was a great side benefit. One day while helping a friend in the gym a particular business owner took notice and offered me an opportunity that has taken me on one hell of a journey. I found myself in the health and fitness industry.

10years ago this year (2018) I took the plunge and started my first PT studio in Snell Grove, Oak Park. I decided that with the skills I had learnt along the way I could satisfy my soul's need to help others and do something I was really passionate about. Bad backs and correcting them had become an area that I was ridiculously good at; all I needed was to get out there and build a following that would see my situation improve. And improve it did! 

Over the last ten years PVH Personal Training has transitioned to PVH Certified Health & Fitness Consultants, and now Pascoe Vale Health and Fitness. The once tiny PT studio is now a fully-fledged Gymnasium, specialising in the treatment and correction of injuries and alignment issues, as well as weight loss and athletic development work. 

Pascoe Vale Health & Fitness exists to be a shining light and community hub that locals can look to for excellence and service. Twenty years ago, fitness professionals were few and only the truly passionate ones worked the industry. We did it because we loved it, that’s it! Those that know me well have heard me rant on about the status of the industry and where it is heading. Instead of complaining, I decided that a smarter idea was to create a facility that played to my extensive education and those of likeminded professionals.  

Our team vision is for  PVH&F to absolutely dominate our local market this year and the years to come. Our members and community are our commitment. Through outstanding service and results we aim to raise awareness of the value of education and the service a fully staffed professional facility can offer. 

Of course, all of this wouldn’t be possible without the unwavering support of my beautiful wife and son. They mean the world to me and form an integral part of what makes the PVH&F family so special.

Strength Coach | Joel McKenzie | Pascoe Vale Health & Fitness

Joel McKenzie

Strength Coach

“Young fella”

I’ve been working in the fitness industry since the opening of Pascoe Vale Health & Fitness in July of 2017. I love every moment of working here. Even on the days I’m feeling down, knowing I’m about to go in to work and help improve people’s lives puts a smile on my face.

I am currently studying a double degree in Exercise science and Psychology (It’s not as boring as it sounds). Where do I hope to be after it? I honestly have no clue, I’m just going to let it take me wherever it likes and enjoy the process.

Hear what our customers have to say

I had been suffering from constant neck and back pain along with headaches and muscle spasm. I had spent endless hours working in front of a PC and had developed poor posture with hyper mobility. I am no longer suffering constant pain and I’m extremely grateful to Paul and his staff. I am thankful each days that I stepped into PVH CF&F, not knowing anything about them. Paul has given me confidence, strength, health and a new belief in my body’s innate abilities. I has been the best investment I have made.


Giulia Michienzi

The recommended surgery I had also didn’t work and left me unable to perform basic tasks and in constant pain. I then found Paul and his team, and walked out of the first assessment with No Pain!!

I started working out with Paul from PVH in October 2014. I found out about the place on the internet and came in to try out the back pain rehab program. I had been suffering from back pain for almost 2 years and had tried everything from clinical pilates to physiotherapy, acupuncture, etc with limited access. The biggest benefit that I got out of the program was being able to use all that he had taught me in my daily work and activities. My advice to people suffering with back pain is to understand that one need not live with chronic pain, The Back Pain Solution will give you the strength your body needs and tools to create a pain-free lifestyle.


Dr Preethi Vembar

Seek professional help that will focus on you're specific issue as some programs are not tailored to the individual. PVH & The Back Pain Solution enabled me to educate myself about my body and how I can use the individualised program to meet my needs and allow me to become pain free and prepare my back and other areas for another successful pregnancy.

I was suffering with back pain from 2006. The recommended surgery I had also didn’t work and left me unable to perform basic tasks and in constant pain. I then found Paul and his team and walked out of the first assessment with No Pain!! Six sessions later I had my first week of no pain in years, and now enjoy participating in life once again.


Paul Dwyer