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Intemittent Fasting Melbourne | PVH Fitness

Fasting: health benefits and risks

Intermittent Fasting When people talk about fasting, they commonly associate it with the month of Ramadan. Billions of Muslims engage in this declaration of faith every year. It involves abstaining from food and drink from dawn until dusk. While fasting for Ramadan is a spiritual practice, many people now choose to fast with the belief … Read more

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Where does the fat go when you lose weight? | PVH Fitness

Where does all the fat go when you lose weight?

So, you’ve “lost” five kilograms. But where did the fat go? The common assumption is that fat is converted into heat or energy. This is where we get the term “burned” from. In actuality you breathe out fat in the form of carbon dioxide. Says research from Australia’s University of New South Wales. “[Lost mass] … Read more

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