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Group Gym Classes Melbourne

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Train with others in a fun environment

Our Group Training Classes are designed to target specific areas, to augment your training in a fun, group environment. While all Members have access to these classes, they are also available to casual participants at $20 per class.

This is a great way for us to get to know each other, and to learn what we're all about.

Bookings are essential!

Places are limited, so please ensure you book prior to a session. You can do this by calling us on 9359 0935 or emailing us at info@pvhfitness.com.au


Guided Gym

Don’t think, just do!

Participants can expect a no-nonsense routine that is set up for the everyday gym user. Whether its muscle gain or weight loss the workout can be slightly adjusted to suit your tempo requirements and all you need to do is keep up with the clock. Workouts are always changing to keep the variety high and the challenges different.

Class Exertion: Beginner – Intermediate 

Mobility & Flexibility

Want more energy and mental clarity?

This is the program for you! Help release that unwanted tension with measurement-based stretching and flexibility, no guesswork needed. Gain what you have lost and reclaim your strength, power & reduce unwanted stress.

Class Exertion: Beginner – Advanced

Strength & Plyometrics

For the intermediate to advance participant, our aim with this is to create a group of like-minded participants who support each other and just want to lift, press, pull, drive, leap, and brace. Experience is preferred but we are always willing to teach a newbie how to become better in the major movements.

Class Exertion: Beginner – Advance

Corrective Exercise Basics

For anyone looking at commencing an exercise program or regime and are looking to only participate in beneficial movement patterns that are designed to help improve mobility, stability, metabolic drive, and energy production with enough of a challenge.

Class Exertion: Beginner

After School Drop Off

For busy parents who have just dropped the kids off at school for the day.

Our 9:15am class is designed to do something great for you, get that high energy zest for life flowing. The class is purposely kept at a low amplitude, but a moderate to high pace! Basically, get in, get out, feel great!

Class Exertion: Beginner – Intermediate

Hear what our customers have to say

I had been suffering from constant neck and back pain along with headaches and muscle spasm. I had spent endless hours working in front of a PC and had developed poor posture with hyper mobility. I am no longer suffering constant pain and I’m extremely grateful to Paul and his staff. I am thankful each days that I stepped into PVH CF&F, not knowing anything about them. Paul has given me confidence, strength, health and a new belief in my body’s innate abilities. I has been the best investment I have made.


Giulia Michienzi

The recommended surgery I had also didn’t work and left me unable to perform basic tasks and in constant pain. I then found Paul and his team, and walked out of the first assessment with No Pain!!

I started working out with Paul from PVH in October 2014. I found out about the place on the internet and came in to try out the back pain rehab program. I had been suffering from back pain for almost 2 years and had tried everything from clinical pilates to physiotherapy, acupuncture, etc with limited access. The biggest benefit that I got out of the program was being able to use all that he had taught me in my daily work and activities. My advice to people suffering with back pain is to understand that one need not live with chronic pain, The Back Pain Solution will give you the strength your body needs and tools to create a pain-free lifestyle.


Dr Preethi Vembar

Seek professional help that will focus on you're specific issue as some programs are not tailored to the individual. PVH & The Back Pain Solution enabled me to educate myself about my body and how I can use the individualised program to meet my needs and allow me to become pain free and prepare my back and other areas for another successful pregnancy.

I was suffering with back pain from 2006. The recommended surgery I had also didn’t work and left me unable to perform basic tasks and in constant pain. I then found Paul and his team and walked out of the first assessment with No Pain!! Six sessions later I had my first week of no pain in years, and now enjoy participating in life once again.


Paul Dwyer