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Motivation is BS | Getting stuff done | PVH Fitness

Motivation is BS!

Motivation is not the Answer If you’re waiting on motivation to kick in before working on achieving your goals, you’re screwed before you start! Why? Well because, not to sugar coat it, motivation is BS! It’s flaky. It’s unreliable. It’s a concept that will desert you at the very first opportunity. Here’s the deal. No … Read more

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Bio Hacking | Melbourne | PVH Fitness

Biohacking – Getting the most out of ourselves

Before I start if the title hasn’t given it away yet, “biohacking” is essentially a fancy word for self-improvement. In this blog I’ll go a bit more in depth to what that really means. First and foremost, what you put into your body has an ENORMOUS impact on how you feel. As humans, we are … Read more

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How do I get rid of my Man Boobs! | Personal Trainer Melbourne | PVH Fitness

How do I get rid of my Man Boobs!?

So, will using the bench press get rid of my Man Boobs? What about push ups? I must admit, after almost 20 years in the job I was reluctant to write this article. I felt that speaking about something like this was too simplistic in a way. It’s only when speaking to our strength coach … Read more

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