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Is Inflammation Bad for You? | Personal Trainer Melbourne | PVH Fitness

Is Inflammation Bad For Me?

On The Importance of Inflammation Inflammation is a good thing for our bodies. It helps heal wounds and kills viruses. It’s the body’s response to outside threats like infection, toxic chemicals and stress. When the immune system senses danger, it responds by the activation of proteins. Their job is to protect the cells and tissues … Read more

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Fixing Neck Pain | Personal Training Melbourne | PVH Fitness

Fixing Neck Pain – Part 1

Ouch! I have Neck Pain and can’t move my Head! How do we fix neck pain? At some point we’ve all had some neck and head tension that leads to uncomfortable pain. I’ll start with an example. Earlier this week one of my clients, let’s call him Carl, presented with this very complaint. His neck … Read more

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The Importance of Sleep | Personal Training Melbourne | PVH Fitness

The Importance Of Sleep to Health

On the Importance of Sleep There are a lot of balances we have to maintain: we need to eat right, exercise and be mindful of others. When it comes to sleep, we might be not taking enough due consideration. If we have a better understanding of how our bodies react to a lack of quality … Read more

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