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About Us

PVH&F was created in 2006 to fill a void in the health and fitness industry. One that brought together high end pain management services, weight loss, strength & conditioning, all delivered by a corrective exercise specialist.

Servicing Hadfield, Oak Park, Glenroy, Pascoe Vale and surrounding suburbs.

Our holistic approach to injury pain, health, and fitness sets us apart in a crowded industry. Specialising in lower back pain we eliminate peoples pain without surgery or drugs, by addressing the root cause not the symptom. Couple this with great nutrition and prescribed exercise, and the lifestyle our clients have dreamed of is only months away.

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Personal Training Hadfield | Gym | Pascoe Vale Health & Fitness

Why choose to work with us?

Starting as a strength & conditioning coach in 2001 I saw too many clients using basic gym services to try and solve their joint pain / back pain both pre and post operative with little or no success.

Having gained a strong knowledge base in human mechanics, I was fully aware of the potential results of their efforts, and the short comings of the services they were being provided. It was only in 2006 that I had the means and backing to create PVH Certified Health & Fitness and bring this level of specialist care to those seeking a lifestyle free from surgery, drugs and pain.

In 2017 we evolved into Pascoe Vale Health & Fitness and brought a game changing level of education and service to East St, Hadfield. We now have the space and the accessibility for our customers to experience, not only our specialist skills, but also a full equipped gymnasium supported by allied health professionals who share our passion for creating real change in our clients.

Personal Training Hadfield | Gym | Paul Van Haltren | Pascoe Vale Health & Fitness
Paul Van Haltren PVH&F Director and creator of ‘The Back Pain Solution’

Hear what our customers have to say

I had been suffering from constant neck and back pain along with headaches and muscle spasm. I had spent endless hours working in front of a PC and had developed poor posture with hyper mobility. I am no longer suffering constant pain and I’m extremely grateful to Paul and his staff. I am thankful each days that I stepped into PVH CF&F, not knowing anything about them. Paul has given me confidence, strength, health and a new belief in my body’s innate abilities. I has been the best investment I have made.


Giulia Michienzi

The recommended surgery I had also didn’t work and left me unable to perform basic tasks and in constant pain. I then found Paul and his team, and walked out of the first assessment with No Pain!!

I started working out with Paul from PVH in October 2014. I found out about the place on the internet and came in to try out the back pain rehab program. I had been suffering from back pain for almost 2 years and had tried everything from clinical pilates to physiotherapy, acupuncture, etc with limited access. The biggest benefit that I got out of the program was being able to use all that he had taught me in my daily work and activities. My advice to people suffering with back pain is to understand that one need not live with chronic pain, The Back Pain Solution will give you the strength your body needs and tools to create a pain-free lifestyle.


Dr Preethi Vembar

Seek professional help that will focus on you're specific issue as some programs are not tailored to the individual. PVH & The Back Pain Solution enabled me to educate myself about my body and how I can use the individualised program to meet my needs and allow me to become pain free and prepare my back and other areas for another successful pregnancy.

I was suffering with back pain from 2006. The recommended surgery I had also didn’t work and left me unable to perform basic tasks and in constant pain. I then found Paul and his team and walked out of the first assessment with No Pain!! Six sessions later I had my first week of no pain in years, and now enjoy participating in life once again.


Paul Dwyer