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Biohacking – Getting the most out of ourselves

Before I start if the title hasn’t given it away yet, “biohacking” is essentially a fancy word for self-improvement. In this blog I’ll go a bit more in depth to what that really means.

First and foremost, what you put into your body has an ENORMOUS impact on how you feel.

As humans, we are complex creatures. What we take in affects what output we get from ourselves. Our behaviours, our health, and our everyday performance in life are all outputs.

If we want to improve these outputs, then let’s start improving things we put into our body and mind to stack the deck in our favour. But let me stop you right there, this isn’t a blog about dieting so I’m only going to give you three main points on the nutrition side of things:

If you think you’re eating enough veggies and (healthy) fats, you’re not. Load up on these and make sure you’re getting plenty of protein too.

Make it as easy as possible. The problem with any super strict restrictive diet is that you’ll eventually fall off, and when you do, chances are you’ll beat yourself up about it. No one wants that.

If you feel crappy after eating certain foods, otherwise known as a sensitivity, stop eating it. The connection between our brains and our guts is amazing and way too much to write about in one blog. Essentially sensitivities cause inflammation, inflammation induces stress on the body and that’s the exact thing we want to reduce.

As awesome as humans have become as time goes on, we have domesticated ourselves and some see it as taboo to think otherwise. We are nowhere near as fit, resilient, or adaptable as our ancestors. So, let’s start reversing that shall we? Get outside. Get some sunlight. Eat natural foods. Improve your breathing (Read Mark’s previous article first). You’ll instantly feel more grounded and generally feel better after doing any, or all of those things.

Personally, I think this next paragraph is the most important part of this blog. So many times in my short life I’ve been anxious about doing something I haven’t done much of, but afterwards I feel great about doing it. Challenge yourself. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations. Do the things you’ve always fantasized about. You’ll see more self-improvement from that than anything else I could possible recommend.

Another good self-improvement tool is good old meditation. If you haven’t tried it and think it’s a bunch of baloney, try it. Use it to delve deep into yourself, or just use it to calm the body down during the day. Either way you’ll be surprised with how you feel afterwards. Trust me.

Music as a ‘biohack’ can be really complicated when you talk about how it affects the billions of neurons in your brain but I’m not going to do that because it’s not important at all. All you need to know is… that music raises your awareness levels by up to 8x its usual capacity. 8 times. Just by putting some headphones in and listening to some bangin’ tunes. Win, win.

You know when you’re doing a task and it’s just working out perfectly? It could be something at work, a workout or heck even me writing this article! That state of mind that you get into where you just block the whole world out and perform better than ever? That’s flow. Also known as being in a “Flow state”.

Like everything else I’ve written in this article, I could write essays about all the fine intricacies of “Flow”, but it’s not necessary. Just be warned, the chances of entering a flow state whenever you want isn’t likely. Our brains have to struggle at something before they can improve.

Extreme sports athletes are the only people in the world that truly experience this in all it’s glory. In their sports every day they need a “Fight or flight” response from their body to help them survive whatever crazy task they’re doing. But for the everyday person like you and me, it could be as simple as working hard at the task and then walking away to do something completely different for a while. When you come back, most of you will find that you’ll be able to smash out a lot more than before.

Now I’m going to go back to one of the first sentences I wrote in this blog, what you put into your body, affects what comes out. This is just as important for our minds as it is our bodies. THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS. Your thoughts manifest the experience you have. Our perspective on something can completely change everything. Having a positive outlook is going to create a positive response.

Think about all of this while you’re meditating (If you’re game enough to do it).

You don’t have to implement all of these things all at once, but you could pick just one thing from this article and work on it in the next 7 days. See how you go. You may even look back to reading this young man’s article and think “Shit he wasn’t talking complete gibberish”. You’ll never know until you try.

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