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At Pascoe Vale Health and Fitness, we take pride in offering an unrivalled fitness experience. Whether you are taking the first step towards optimal health or a are a gym pro, we can give you the fitness results you want. At our gym, Pascoe Vale Health and Fitness, the instructors are committed to ensuring that you can get the most from your workouts. Friendly and experienced, our instructors strive to inspire and make you feel comfortable. With our fitness plan, we aim to promote better living and motivate you towards accomplishing your fitness goals.

We follow a holistic approach to enable you to enjoy the benefits of a healthier mind and body. With the best fitness tools and a complete range of fitness services, we are here to empower you to achieve your goals. Our fitness centre is vibrant and inviting and our instructors will help you through your fitness journey. Our health club has made healthy living easily accessible to everyone and we encourage you to avail our services for an enjoyable fitness journey. Whether your goal is general fitness or you are looking for a specialist service, we can cater to your needs.



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Life can be demanding. In this fast paced world we are often pulled in several directions, with constant demands on our time, body and mind. To cope, you need to be fit! Fitness is more than muscles, more than a strong heart and lungs; although those things matter. Fitness is a body working in balance, at the level required to do the things you need it to do. It is a body as mobile, flexible and responsive as required. Fitness is a mind that can get from alarm clock to lights out and be ready to do it all again. Fitness is a spirit that is as strong and durable as the body that holds it.

When we talk about being fit, we’re talking about creating a body, mind and spirit that is in balance and raring to go! A state of being that works for you!


Whether it’s work or play, you need the strength to meet the challenge of the everyday. Once again, it’s not all about muscle. It’s about using the body mechanics efficiently so you can get things done without pain and injury. Strength comes from understanding the body and knowing how to get the most out of it without doing damage. That means working the right muscles, in the right way, to create balance and power.

Strength is born from having the right mindset to create an environment for your body, mind and spirit to flourish. It’s about discipline and persistence. It’s about harnessing the right tools, people and opportunities to create your desired outcome. And yes, there will be muscle!


To get the most out of life you need to be ready to face whatever it throws at you! Whether that’s raising a family, meeting work commitments or achieving life goals, you need to be ready! Luck is the intersection of opportunity and preparation. In other words, you make your own luck by being ready!

Our purpose is to support you in your journey. To give you the tools and knowledge to achieve all that you want to achieve by ensuring your body, mind and spirit is ready! Ready for the life you live!



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